Russian Summer Little Salad

5 eggs
5 potatoes
1 bottle anchovies stuffed olives
Mayonnaise, about 800 gram bottle
Piquillo peppers, half a bottle.
3 carrots
1/4 onion
Green peas, 100 gram

Eggs to be boiled (about 10 minutes) and chopped, leaving the yolks separately, potatoes in small cubes are also cooked (cold water only, can take 30 minutes), and so the carrots and the green peas. Onions are chopped without cooking, and so the olives, persil and the peppers.

Once all ingredients are ready the get mixed with plenty of mayonnaise. But keep aside yolks and half the amount of persil, in their own mix.

Finally, a layer of mayonnaise will cover the mix and the yolk/Persil mix is put over.