(English) Fabada

A classical Spanish dish like fabada needs little tweaking to do while in UK, as not all ingredients are easily found.


750 grams of chicken thighs or breasts

One piece of Spanish chorizo


Black pudding

4 cans of Butter beans in water

Half red pepper and half green pepper

4 carrots

About 500 ml Boiling water from kettle

Coriander, cummins and pepper, all powered.

One onion

Italian cherry tomato with basil pure

One Knorr chicken cube


  1. Cut chicken in bite size pieces
  2. Cut pancetta in small pieces
  3. Cut carrots and pepper in small pieces
  4. Wash the beans
  5. Fry lightly the chicken thighs and keep them aside.
  6. Fry onion, then pancetta
  7. Fry slightly the chorizo
  8. Add the spices and a squirt of tomato pure
  9. Add beans and cover with water.
  10. Add the chicken cube
  11. Add the chicken and the black pudding
  12. Add the pepper and carrot
  13. Keep slow cooking for 2 hours gently moving content