We are PADI divers, and we dive in the UK with our dry suits as there are cold waters around here but also abroad where you feel a heavyweight has been taken off your shoulders, literally.

We initially trained with Above and Below, as they came to our boys’ school offering extracurricular activities for them “and parents who wanted to join”.

Planning a trip

There are many places to get organised planning a diving trip.

We like to have some of them handy, so we can check them when considering our next trip.

For UK diving is a different matter. Contacts:

Farne Islands * St Abbs * SwanageTyne (North East) * Weymouth


A few places to buy online like gloves in Kubi, etc

Or to get in person, also to organise local trips like Robin Hood (dive club)and Scuba Leeds

Diving magazines

There are also a few interesting magazines around.